Scott Spiegel to Helm Hostel 3 for Sony Stage 6

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Hostel (2005) Movie ImageI’m not a very big supporter of the whole “torture porn” subgenre, though I can understand why so many unstable individuals seem to love the “Hostel” flicks. They’re nasty, they’re gory, and they certainly pack quite a punch. However, after “Hostel 2″ famously fizzled at the box office, many were left wondering if another sequel would ever see the light of day. This may explain why Sony Stage 6 is prepping a third installment of Eli Roth’s successful series for the direct-to-video market, as opposed to unleashing it into scores of empty theaters all across the country. Details are sketchy at this point, but according, “Intruder” director Scott Spiegel will helm the project, which is powered Michael Weiss’ script. The plot: A Las Vegas bachelor party goes very, very wrong.

Gee, that’s original.

Roth’s involvement, meanwhile, remains to be seen, though I’m guessing he’ll receive some sort of producer credit. That seems to be the way these things work.

Hostel (2005) Movie Image

Author: Todd Rigney

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    When ELI ROTH was in campaing of the INGLORIUS BASTARDS he said that he's nothing to do with HOSTEL 3