Director Soi Cheang’s Motorway Delivers a Karate Showdown on Wheels

Motorway (2012) Movie PosterThat’s what the poster claims, so it must be true. Right? Whether or not this car-centric actioner follows through with its lofty promise is beyond me at this point, but I’ll certainly put it to the test. After all, Soi Cheang’s “Dog Bite Dog” and “Shamo” were decent enough, so I’m confident that the action come fast and furious. Did you see what I did there? Anyway, “Motorway” looks promising, though I must say do have a soft spot for motion pictures with extended car chases. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Need a lengthy synopsis? Here you go:

Sean is an overconfident rookie in Stealth Riders, a secret police unit consisting of the best drivers in the force that targets against underworld racing and fugitives on the run. Jensen is a legendary escape driver for criminals, who had never been caught before his retirement 15 years ago. When Sean chances upon Jensen out of the blue one day, he thinks his day has finally come.

After an arduous car chase, Sean outmaneuvers Jensen and arrests him. While he is gloating over his triumph in the precinct, Jensen pulls off a prison break with another inmate. He has let Sean capture him deliberately. This humiliation draws Sean towards veteran cop Lo who almost lost his life years ago while chasing Jensen and has since sworn off the motorway.

When a police operation to thwart a diamond heist leads to Jensen’s whereabouts, Sean persuades Lo to drive again and to chase after Jensen’s car with him. Just when Sean is about to corner Jensen, Jensen spins his car around and speeds head-on towards Sean. Sean swerves his car aside only to be hit nonetheless. Lo is left to chase after Jensen alone, but history repeats itself and he ends up crashing off the embankment and dies in the ensuing explosion.

After an initial guilt trip over Lo’s death, Sean eventually pulls himself together and vows to take on Jensen at all cost. His opportunity finally knocks when Jensen is spotted on the run after another heist. With the support of his teammates in Stealth Riders, Sean prevails and successfully traps Jensen’s car. At the eleventh hour, Jensen once again spins his car around and speeds head-on towards Sean. But this time, instead of trying to avoid a collision, Sean steps on his gas and dashes towards Jensen’s vehicle.

“Motorway” stars Shawn Yue and Anthony Wong. Additionally, the film is produced by Johnnie To, which will probably make a large number of individuals very happy.

Via : Film Smash