Director Steven Soderbergh is Selling Off Props From His Movies for Charity

Steven Soderbergh

This is cool. According to Steven Soderbergh, he’s been hanging on to some props from some of his movies, and instead of throwing them away, decided he’d auction them off for charity. So if you have $500 and always wanted Soderbergh’s personal copy of his script for “Che”, or have $250 and wouldn’t mind the clapper from “Erin Brockovich”, then you should head over to Soderbergh’s site Extension 765 and start bidding.

Those are just the starting bid prices. You should probably expect to pay more if you really want any of these items. The “Ocean’s Eleven” script binder is already up to $2,000, but most of the other items are still hovering at starting bid prices or thereabouts. I guess no one really wants that “Che” script…

Soderbergh writes about the auction:

I didn’t want to throw this stuff away but I didn’t want to keep it either, so I figured the smart play was to put it up for auction and donate the money to charity. If you have a friend, relative, or child that digs movies, maybe these items would make a great gift or a talisman of some sort. There’s about eighty items or so, but we didn’t want to post them all at once because it would take up way too much space. So we’ll just rotate in new stuff as (or maybe I should say “if”) items are sold.

He doesn’t mention what the charities are, in case you were wondering.

Here are just some of the things he has up right now (the idea is to rotate them out with new ones):

Soderbergh Auction

Via : USA Today