Director Sylvain White Offers an Update on Ronin

Remember the rush to snatch up every Frank Miller comic book post-“Sin City” and “300”? Well that was before “The Spirit” and Frank toss a big ol stinky one at the box office. Since then, the Miller Gold Rush has lessened noticeably, but it won’t take much to get it back up and running again. A “Sin City 2” or a “300” sequel will just about do it, and then you’ll see another rush to get Frank’s books into production. Having said that, what’s up with “Ronin”, Frank Miller’s tale of a Japanese samurai reincarnated in futuristic New York? Director Sylvain White (left), who has been attached to the film adaptation for some time, says it’s still chugging along.

The “Losers” director tells SuperheroHype:

“I’m taking my time with it. If I’m able to stay on it and develop it the way I want, I just want it to be done right. I don’t want to rush it or anything like that. I want the right writer on it and it to be done carefully. So that is one of the projects I have in development.”

According to White, a new writer will be hired to do another pass on the existing script, and they will take it from there.

The fact is, since a “Ronin” movie will undoubtedly cost more than “The Losers”, the studio is, in all likelihood, waiting to see if their faith in White ala “The Losers” pays off in box office cash. If it does, you can expect “Ronin” to be rushed into production. If not? It might just end up another Frank Miller comic that never made it.

Helloooooo. Half-naked Japanese guy lost in time here. Can I get a robe or something?