Disney Already Has Treatments for the Next Three Star Wars Movies (Updated)


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StarWars.com reports that Arndt has, indeed, won the job of writing “Star Wars: Episode 7″.

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Man, Disney don’t mess around. Even before they officially acquired “Star Wars” and the rest of Lucasfilm’s properties from George Lucas, Disney had already commissioned a writer to bang out treatments for the three movies they plan to release, starting in 2015 with “Episode 7″. That’s according to the latest Interwebs reporting on everyone’s favorite sci-fi franchise, though no one in any official capacity has come forward to confirm or deny.

The man for the job was apparently Michael Arndt, who has quite an eclectic resume. Word is, Arndt is already onboard, having written a treatment for the next three “Star Wars” movies, and is now in line to write the script for “Episode 7″.

(Treatments, for those who don’t know, is the whole movie plotted out in prose form, sort of like a short story.)

If true, Arndt certainly has the resume to pull off something like “Star Wars”. Although he started his career in 2006 with the indie drama “Little Miss Sunshine” (for which he won a “Best Original Screenplay” Oscar), he’s since expanded to writing “Toy Story 3″, the Tom Cruise sci-fi epic “Oblivion”, and the upcoming “Hunger Games” sequel, “Catching Fire”.

It never hurts to have an Oscar winner writing your screenplay. God knows George Lucas could have used one for the last three “Star Wars” movies…

Disney Buys Lucas Films Star Wars

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