Disney Confirms Work on The Snow Queen

disney-logoWith The Princess and the Frog’s imminent release, Disney has committed to keeping alive hand-drawn films, releasing one every couple of years in order to stand beside their CG efforts. Slash Film went to Disney’s studio in Burbank and spoke with producer Peter del Vecho about their future hand-drawn projects, one of which he revealed as The Snow Queen, a movie that has been in development for years but has not actually been committed to until now. The story is based on a classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, following the traditional Disney trend. With Winnie the Pooh still in development for something like a 2011 release, presumably The Snow Queen will be pushed back beyond that.

Artwork for The Snow Queen can be seen below. Its illustrator is Harald Sieperman, who had originally confirmed that the film had been canceled. It appears that somewhere along the way Disney had a change of heart, either about the film or about hand-drawn animation. That’s a good thing since it will probably make a fantastic, classical story. You can follow the link in order to learn more details about the film and the trip to Disney’s studios – there is more information about Disney films that stand closer to release.