Disney Halts Order of the Seven aka The Kung Fu Snow White Movie

Saoirse RonanOne Snow White movie down, one on the way, and a third gestating over at Disney with the start of production scheduled for this Summer, with Saoirse Ronan set to star. Or, it was, anyway.

Citing budget concerns, Disney has now put the film “on hold indefinitely”. The film, which originally began life as a kung fu retelling of the Snow White tale, then evolved into a fantasy action film, would have starred Ronan as “a young woman in 19th century Hong Kong who escapes her wicked stepmother and takes refuge with seven men belonging to an ancient order dedicated to fighting demons and dragons.”

Michael Gracey would have made his directorial debut on “Order of the Seven”, and would have directed from a script by “Iron Man” writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.

Apparently Disney is a little skittish around first-time directors on big-budget fantasy films after the huge flop that was “John Carter”, which has cost the studio a couple of hundred million dollars in loss. Add to that the exit of former Disney head Rich Ross, and it appears the new regime at Disney may not be quite as ready to sink a few hundred million dollars in another Snow White movie in a year that’s already seen two (Tarsem Singh’s “Mirror Mirror” and Rupert Sanders’ upcoming “Snow White and the Huntsman”).

Which is too bad, because a Snow White movie with seven ass-kicking kung fu warriors would have been cool. Or at least, different.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs