Disney Princess Turned Violent Rehabber Demi Lovato in The Avengers?

demi lovatoAs if Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man and their comrades didn’t have enough to deal with (are those Skrulls and Krees in this thing or not?), they might now have to battle a former Disney princess turned publicity nightmare in Demi Lovato, too? That’s the going rumor, anyway, according to the gossipy blokes at RadarOnline who dropped that little nugget while writing an entire post about Lovato’s rehab stint for punching out one of her background dancers.

Here’s the interesting part at the very end of the article:

But it looks like she’s making a turn-around. RadarOnline.com has learned Demi is up for a role in the new Avengers movie that will start shooting April 1.

If you don’t know the name Demi Lovato, you probably don’t have nieces or nephews or kids, and the Disney channel is probably not on in your house a lot. Lovato, like Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Vanessa Hudgens before her, is another Disney manufactured teen pop singer/acting princess who got her start on the network, in this case in the “Camp Rock” franchise. And like all the previously mentioned former Disney princesses, Lovato has done gone awry. (Yes, you can go to rehab for punching people out now. And oh yeah, there was also these, um, less than Disney-ish pics.)

ANYWAYS. So, Lovato may or may not be up for a role in “The Avengers”. Disney does have quite a bit invested in Marvel’s films, including “The Avengers”, so I suppose they could reasonably ask Marvel to do them a solid and put Lovato in the flick as a way to “grow her up”, especially in light of her troubles.

Then again, it could all be B.S. Like I said, it’s a loooooooong holiday weekend, and it’s a really, really, REALLY slow movie news week.

Update: Lovato’s “people” (via The Playlist) says she won’t be in the movie. Either she didn’t get the job or she was never up for one, but the outcome is the same — no Lovato drama in “The Avengers”.

'Oh come on! You call this movie news? Pfft. I should punch you...'