Disney Re-Releasing Beauty, Nemo, Mermaid, and Monsters Back into Theaters – in 3D

If you’re wondering why Disney is suddenly on a 3D re-releasing tear with their titles, I have only one word for you: “The Lion King”.

The re-release of “The Lion King” in 3D has pulled in almost $80 million so far in three weeks of release, and took the top spot its first two weeks before slipping to third place in week #3. With that kind of apparent appetite for their titles, why not keep it going?

So yeah, there is definitely a very good reason why Disney has now scheduled four more titles for 3D re-releases:

– “Beauty and the Beast” is up first on January 13, 2012
– “Finding Nemo” by September 14, 2012
– “Monsters, Inc.” by January 18, 2013 (just in time for the sequel/prequel, “Monsters University” on June 21, 2013)
– and finally, “The Little Mermaid” on September 13, 2013

Disney Re-Releases in 3D