D.J. Caruso and Shia LaBeouf Attached to Terrorist Thriller Eagle Eye

There are only two names I wish I could go a day without hearing about — Shia LaBeouf and Gerard Butler. Nothing personal against these two guys, but it’s just ridiculous how they’re attached to just about everything under the sun, all because of a couple of big movies under their belt. Or, in Butler’s face, one movie, while LaBeouf has been carrying around the “It” boy tag for the last couple of years despite not having done anything of note since the recent “Disturbia”.

Speaking of which, “Disturbia’s” shocking success has paved the way for its director D.J. Caruso to sign on to direct “Eagle Eye”, with Shia LaBeouf in talks to star.

The plot revolves around a twentysomething slacker and a single mother who are framed as terrorists and forced to become members of a cell with plans to carry out a political assassination.

“Eagle Eye” is being written and produced by Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, who were writers on Michael Bay’s “Transformers”, and have just finished the script for Star Trek 11.

Besides “Disturbia”, Caruso was also mentioned as a possible director for the upcoming Wolverine movie. Apparently he’s slogging it out with “Live Free or Die Hard” director Len Wiseman for the job. And considering that Caruso has been attached to “Eagle Eye”, does that then open up the Wolverine gig for Wiseman?