Djimon Hounsou and his Mysterious Comic Book Movie Trilogy

Monday is such a lame day; there is almost no relevant movie news to speak off, so every site is forced to speculate on what Djimon Hounsou means when he tells IESB that he’s gearing up to make his dreams come true by starring in a comic book movie trilogy, although he neglects to say what comic book property he’s referring to. IESB speculates that it might be The Black Panther, which would really suck for Tyrese Gibson, who has been trying to play that character, like, since he was in diapers.


The obvious answer is that Hounsou is talking about staring as The Black Panther in the inevitable Fantastic Four 3. Tim Story mentioned in an IGN article nearly a year ago that Hounsou was his ideal choice for the Wakandan King. If this is the case, it’s actually perfect casting (outside of it being another Story-directed Fantastic Four film).

The other possibility, though, that I’m not entirely willing to shake is that Hounsou might be talking about Tintin.

Hounsou mentions that this is a dream project for him. While Tintin may not be the biggest bit of pop-culture this side of the Atlantic, it’s still extremely popular in Europe — especially in France where Hounsou moved when he was 13. Add in the Spielberg connection and the fact that Tintin’s being done as a trilogy and I think its speculation with some potential.

It would be funny if this turns out to be just Housou being a jerk and pulling IESB’s strings. But hey, like I said, it’s a sloooooow Monday, and this is what you get as a result.

Having said that, he’s probably talking about the Black Panther.