Doctor Doom to Help Milla Jovovich Distinguish Faces in the Crowd

Julian McMahon is probably very happy that his FX channel show “Nip/Tuck” is wrapping up. The guy’s got a thriving movie career, and I’m sure having to go back to the plastic surgery show was curbing his style. After a couple of villainous turns, McMahon will now put on his good guy badge for the thriller “Faces in the Crowd”, in which he will play a cop who helps leading lady Milla Jovovich try to survive a serial killer.

In the Julien Magnat-directed thriller, Jovovich plays a woman who survives a serial killer’s attack, but falls off a bridge and wakes up with “face blindness”, which prevents her from recognizing people’s faces, including the serial killer’s. That becomes a problem when the killer comes back for her.

Shooting begins in March.

Hey, it's that girl who fights zombies!