Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan Will Menace the Guardians of the Galaxy


Karen GillanApparently the best way to break into Hollywood these days if you’re a British actor is to play a villain in a major studio movie. Hey, it worked for Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch, so why not Karen Gillan, too? Granted, when you think movie villain you don’t necessarily think “spunky redhead that time-traveled with Doctor Who for a few years”, but then maybe you just need to expand your concept of villainy, eh?

In any case, it looks like Doctor Who’s erstwhile companion will be joining the cast of James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Gillan will be playing, we’re told, the film’s “lead female villain”.

Now, does that mean she’s the film’s main villain, or just the lead female villain? Hard to tell, but I’m going to guess it’s more the latter than the former. I could be wrong, of course. It has been known to happen.

Gillan will be joining Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista as members of the aforementioned Guardians of the Galaxy. The cast will also include Lee Pace and Michael Rooker playing the film’s other villains. Which, once again, makes me think Gillan isn’t the main villain, just the female villain. Since Rooker’s Yondu is expected to be a space pirate, does that make Gillan one of his crewmembers? The sassy redhead formerly known as Amy Pond could certainly do space bad girl.

James Gunn will direct the film, set to shoot in the UK later this month. Besides Gillan, Glenn Close was also recently cast, along with John C. Reilly.

The Guardians assemble next year August 1, 2014.

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  • LionHeart

    The girl who waited. No greater foe could they face.
    Now just give her a henceman who dies 5 times in the span of the movie and we’re set.

  • Nick Fury

    I love Karen Gillan and I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe! I’m definitely looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m quite fond of Zoe Saldana and John C. Reilly as well. Karen is one of the most beautiful girls who ever lived and it’s great to see her again after my beloved Amy Pond died. However, James Gunn is a horrible director and Super is a blatant hipster rip-off of the much, much better Kick-Ass. Also, I hope that she’s not pushed aside in favor of the awful Michael Rooker, and I hope that my beautiful Karen doesn’t have to wear too much alien makeup.

  • Lexavi80

    Benicio Del Toro Cast in Lead Role for Guardians of the Galaxy!!!!

    HOLLY CRAP!!!!

  • Lexavi80

    Benicio Del Toro Cast in Lead Role for Guardians of the Galaxy!!!

    He signed a multi-picture deal and his role is kept under wraps!!

    Doctor Strange.. anyone??

    • Juggernaut

      There are a few possibilities of who he may end up playing. Strange is definitely among the top of that list. I think that Thanos is the most likely of them! He’d be a pretty menacing Thanos. Although, it is a bit of a prosthetic heavy character and Del Toro’s involvement wouldn’t lend much to the star power of the character IMO. Maybe Adam Warlock. Or even Galactus. I know that he is most recognizable as a Fantastic Four enemy but he is a staple in the Marvel Cosmic Universe.