Do Sony Execs Hate Marc Webb’s Spider-Man?


The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie PosterWell this is an interesting rumor. Fresh from CinemaCon, Devin Feraci of BadassDigest dropped this bit of rumor on the Interwebs’ doorsteps in regards to how Sony execs are viewing Marc Webb’s rebooted “The Amazing Spider-Man”:

I’ve heard some really mixed things about the movie – much of which originates from INSIDE Sony – but no matter how the film does (unless the film is an unmitigated disaster, and that won’t happen with a property like this), they’re coming back for a sequel… We’ll see if The Amazing Spider-Man is as troubled as I’ve heard (the stories that come to me are that the execs hate it, and you can never tell when the execs are right or when they’re stupid, stupid suits)…

Of course, just because some Sony execs might have “hated” the movie, it isn’t keeping them from already hiring the ubiquitous duo of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman to start work on a sequel. “The Amazing Spider-Man” will likely be a hit, though how big a hit remains to be seen. It’ll also pretty much have the early part of July all to itself, so that’ll help the box office.

Then again, maybe these Sony execs don’t actually hate the movie, but rather themselves, for already rebooting a franchise that’s barely 10 years old, with the last installment released just 5 years ago. Just saying.

In other Amazing Spidey news, check out Peter Parker’s hand-drawn (ahem) specs for his webslinger doohickey that’s part of the movie’s viral marketing (via Empire):

Spider-Man Hand-Drawn Webslinger Specs

Spider-Man Hand-Drawn Webslinger Specs

Spider-Man Hand-Drawn Webslinger Specs

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  • Lexavi80

    Reboot for Spiderman was the best way to go.

    Spiderman 3 was the equivalent of Batman Forever. If Raimi and Company would have go for another, I’m sure it would have been the equivalent of Batman & Robin.

    I believe in Andrew Garfield.

    • Dedpool

      Also would’ve been bad to try and change the cast and tone and continue on like the Batman movies as well. A reboot with a different look is definitely in order.

  • kraven

    my spidey sense says the movie is going to be a big wank like a twilight series with parker a troubled youth caught in a web of of wimpiness instead of some kick ass lizard tale with his mentor and nemesis Doc Connors.

    • Hugo

      You’re spidey sense is broken!

    • Dedpool

      Um that was the Raimi films. I think you have them confused. This is SPiderman with ansgt yes (its part of who he is) but we also get the quips, and the mentor thing you spoke of, and if the battle damage on his suit is any indication we’re getting those kick-ass fights. Like Hugo said I think your spidey-sense is broken.

  • Naw786

    If The Amazing Spiderman doesn’t turn out to be like Batman Begins then Sony Execs had no reason to reboot the Spiderman movie series.

    Beside the Execs promised that The Amazing Spiderman will be dark, gritty and a different take on Spiderman which I hope does turn to be

  • Dan

    Although I like the first Rami Spiderman I thought his overall style of his films was really campy. There were a few really cheesy moments in the film like whenever he fights the villains in public you the crowd cheering him on “get him spiderman” its like watching Adam West batman at times.

  • kraven

    totally dig the idea of a reboot. i found Spidey 3 a bit lame except for the Sandman character. Still believe teenage angst will well overshadow a good ‘kick-ass’ story. hoping to be way way wrong.


    spider-man, spider-man, do anything like spider can. spin its web, any slice, catch a thief,
    just like ice. look out, here comes the spider-maaaaan!!!!!