Does The Weinstein Company Hate Rodriguez’s Machete?

Yesterday, various entertainment-oriented news outlets announced that Fox, not The Weinstein Company, will tackle distribution rights for director Robert Rodriguez’s expensive grindhouse throwback “Machete” in North America. Hot on the the heels of this story is the supposed response from someone working closely with the Weinsteins. Unofficially speaking, the company had a first-look deal with Rodriguez, and after viewing a portion of the picture, felt that the footage was “not very good at all.” Is this just bitter whining from a distributor who lost a bidding war, or is Rodriguez’s highly-anticipated calculated cult item a serious disappointment? Speculation at this stage in the game is pointless, but it’s nice to know the Weinsteins haven’t lost their charm. I was really worried about that. Not really.

Speaking of “Machete,” have you seen the poster yet? It’s kind of cool, really.