Does The World Really Need Undisputed 3? Probably Not.

Undisputed3If you’re a mixed martial artist with an inkling of acting talent, by all means, take advantage of the current wave of MMA action flicks which are making their way to video store shelves at an alarming rate. “Blood & Bone” is already collecting dust, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s “Damage” is scheduled for release sometime next year. And those are just a few I’m pulling off the top of my head. Now, apparently, “Undisputed 3,” the second sequel nobody wanted, is ready for mass consumption. Considering how interchangeable these films really are, does anyone really care? Are there enough fans of the original films to warrant another follow-up? Apparently so.

Directed by Isaac Florentine (“Bridge of Dragons,” “Undisputed 2”), the film follows yet another illegal prison fight club and the large, angry men who participate in it. The first place prize: freedom, sweet and pure. If you were expecting more of a story, then shame on you.

Check out the trailer below. It looks mildly interesting, but then again, so does every other MMA movie currently on the market.