Does This Mean Chris Evans is Out of the Running for Captain America?

Last week we heard that Chris Evans had joined a long line of Hollywood hunks looking to land the “Captain America” movie. Getting the role would mean a pretty long commitment, not to mention the quickly approaching shooting date, which wouldn’t leave a lot of room for another starring role like the one Evans has officially committed to. The film is a legal drama called “Puncture”, where Evans will be playing a drug-addicted lawyer who sues one of those eeeeeeeevil healthcare corporations that have been all over the news. See, it’s both timely and ironic. Get it?

The film’s cast includes Vinessa Shaw, Mark Kassen, Brett Cullen, Jesse L. Martin, Michael Biehn, Kate Burton, Tess Parker and Marshall Bell. Adam and Mark Kassen are directing.

Obviously this is the type of movie that bores us to tears, but Chris Evans signing on would seem to indicate that he is officially out of the running for “Captain America”, so scratch one more candidate.

Chris Evans is out? Sweet! This is my chance to land the gig!