Does This Mean it’s Over for Dewey and Gale in Scream 4?

Probably not, but if Kevin Williamson is half as obsessed with being as post-modern hip as possible as I think he is, he’ll find a way to get another piece of that “Scream 4” script and break up lovebirds dopey Deputy Dewey and intrepid reporter Gale, seeing as how the actors playing those characters have now officially broken up in real life.

Celeb site InTouch reports the couple, who have been married 11 years, having met on the set of the first “Scream” movie way back in 1996, have officially split. This, while both are co-starring as a couple in the still-shooting “Scream 4” for director Wes Craven.

Like I said, this probably will not show up in the movie, but Williamson is missing a pretty good excuse to REALLY get his post-modern hipness on if he doesn’t hint or even slightly wink at this in the movie. Isn’t this what the “Scream” films have always been known for, after all? Being as irreverent and hip to its own status as a horror movie franchise?

In any case, “Scream 4” stabs again April 15, 2011.