Does Twilight Reshoots Equal Trouble in Teen Angst Vampireland?

Usually when it’s learned that a movie has gone back into production, months after it has wrapped, for reshoots, that usually signifies problems with the finished product. Either the studio has seen the director’s cut, and wants changes, or test audiences weren’t thrilled about certain aspects of the movie when it was shown to them, and additions/edits were ordered by the studio. In the case of the teen vampire movie “Twilight”, that may not be the case. Or at least, that’s how the cast is spinning it.

Star Peter Facinelli told MTV this:

“They liked it so much, they are bringing us back for some encore time — to beef it up,” he said. “A little salt and pepper.

“I can tell you it’s a flashback scene… It gives us a little bit of history of the Cullen family. … They are just shooting a couple of different added scenes, and the scene I’m in, I can tell you it’s me and Robert Pattinson. … Rosalie and Emmett are in that scene.”

Flashbacks, eh? Sounds like the studio wanted some “fleshing out”, as it were.

Taylor Lautner added this:

“I know they’ve been showing it to some people, and some people go, ‘I want to see a little more of this,’ or, ‘I don’t quite understand this,’…

“Well, I am going to be in the prom scene now, at the very end of the film. At first we didn’t film that, and now some people are saying they want to see a bit more of Jacob, and they want him in the prom scene at the end.”

Also according to Lautner, the reshoots were planned before Harry Potter made his exodus from 2008, leaving “Twilight” to jump his release date. It sure sounds like all these reshoots are intended to improve the film, and not because someone didn’t like certain scenes. That’s what it sounds like, anyway.

In any case, here’s a new behind-the-scenes pic from the movie via Empire Online:

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