Dolph Lundgren Busts Heads and Caps Asses in Icarus

According to, Dolph Lundgren has directed and starred in six movies since 2004. I bet you didn’t know that, huh? His latest is “Icarus”, where Lundgren plays a badass KGB-trained killer working for the Russian mob who is piling up the bodies like he might win a prize if he gets the most or something. It’s actually a pretty decent movie, one of those almost pure B-action movies that used to dominate store shelves everywhere in the ’90s. If you’re into watching Dolph Lundgren busting heads and capping asses and growling out one-liners, I’d recommend it. Check out a trailer and some images from the movie below. No word on a Stateside DVD release yet, but it should be forthcoming.

There were those who called him Icarus. Everyone else knew him as a divorced father working for an investment company. But they didn’t know his other side-his dark side. Because Icarus was at his best when he was killing people. For years, he’d worked as a sleeper agent in America-but when the Soviet Empire collapsed, he found himself in a foreign country with no one to trust. Determined to break from his dark past, he started over with a new identity. But you can only escape your past for so long. When a sudden mishap in Hong Kong blows Icarus’ identity, past and present collide – and the assassin realizes he is now the target. The people that want him dead will stop at nothing to get to him. And that means going after what he cares about most-his wife and daughter. Fighting for his life, Icarus is forced to face the demons of his past to protect the loved ones in his present. He must fight to save the only thing he’s ever done right in his life. He needs to uncover who is after him and protect his family – before it’s too late.

Starring Dolph Lundgren, Stefanie von Pfetten, Samantha Ferris, David Lewis, Bo Svenson, Katelyn Mager, Lindsay Maxwell, Monique Ganderton, Marian Koprada, John Tench, and directed by Dolph Lundgren.

Images via Movieset.