Dolph Lundgren is Expendable, Too

You can sorta see why Sylvester Stallone, who is writing and directing the upcoming “guys on a mission” action flick “The Expendables”, would write a role specifically for Dolph Lundgren — if, indeed, that’s what he’s done. After all, besides trading blows in the ring in “Rocky 4” all those many moons ago, Stallone once shared the title of “washed up former action star” that Lundgren, well, is currently having to shoulder with his string of direct-to-DVD movies that pretty much no one in the States have heard of. Yes, Dolph Lundgren is still working. He’s just been working in movies you didn’t know existed. Anyways, all that is a roundabout way of saying that according to a Dolph fansite via Arrow in the Head, Stallone has brought Lundgren aboard “The Expendables” to join a cast that already includes he, Jet Li and Jason Statham.

Says Arrow:

According to awesome DOLPH LUNDGREN fansite DOLPH ULTIMATE, SYLVESTER STALLONE recently signed on his ROCKY IV co star to his upcoming “who’s who” action flick THE EXPENDABLES. The movie already had JASON STATHAM and JET LI tagged to it and the addition of LUNDGREN to the macho fold should make action fiends happier than pig in shit. I know I am. Just get Van Damme in there too and consider me a fulfilled human being!

Yeah, I gotta agree with getting Van Damme involved, too. This would be the Muscles from Brussels’ ticket back to the big time, and of all the former action stars from the ’80s and ’90s, I still think Van Damme deserves a career resurrection the most. The guy’s been doing some good stuff in DTV land that have gone unnoticed.

So here’s a video at the “Transporter 3” premiere that has Stallone himself saying they’re “close” to getting Lundgren in the movie. What, is Dolph playing hard to get or something? Anyways, fast-forward to the 2:40 minute to get to Stallone, who reiterates that this is kind of like a “tough guy homecoming”.

Plus, try to see if they can rope Steven Seagal into the mix. God knows he hasn’t been doing anything worthwhile, unless you count mugging in front of an A&E Reality TV camera worthwhile. And speaking of washed up, what’s Wesley Snipes been up to lately?

Below: “I must break you. Unless you put me in your next Hollywood movie, that is.”