Dolph Lundgren Talks Expendables, Plot Details

Okay, so we know this little shindig Sylvester Stallone’s got going down south in South America involves him and a bunch of muscleheads (plus Jet Li, who I don’t think anyone can mistake for a musclehead) blowing lots of shit up and killing lots of people. (And yes, I will be terribly disappointed if this thing shows up as a PG-13 mess.) So what else do we know? Well, there’s Dolph Lundgren, who will also be in the movie. Dolph knows lots more, and he’s talking.

Via Joblo, here’s what Dolph told Wizard about his role in Sly’s “The Expendables”:

As Lundgren tells Wizard, his character is “a mercenary who’s part of Sly’s team. He’s kind of a victim of the violence. He ends up getting fired by Stallone. Later in the picture, some other sinister character trying to get back at Sly and his and people hires me to take him out. Because I need the money, I do it. There’s a showdown between me, him and Jet Li.”

How’d little Jet get in the middle of these two bozos? We’ll soon find out when “The Expendables” lands in theaters in 2010.

Below: “So if I throw this fight, you’re gonna put me in a movie when we’re like old geezers, right? Righteous. I mean, dah!”