Dominic West is Jigsaw in Punisher 2

The last time Lexi Alexander updated her Punisher 2 production blog, she tossed out three new castmembers, and teased that she thinks she’s got her Jigsaw, but wouldn’t reveal the name. It now appears as if The Hollywood Reporter has beaten Lexi to the news by announcing that Dominic West is currently in negotiations to play Jigsaw, the Punisher’s arch nemesis in the comics, and the main villain of the upcoming Punisher sequel, “War Zone”. Jigsaw is a mobster whose face is torn up and stitched back up, thus giving him the not-that-pleasant nickname. He also proves incredibly hard to kill, despite not having any powers.

THR also lists Doug Hutchison and Wayne Knight as joining the cast.

We already know that Hutchison will play Loony Bin Jim, described as “a chemically unbalanced lunatic who considers the world his own private killing field and goes on a maniacal rampage.”

Wayne Knight, meanwhile, will play Microchip (aka Linus Lieberman), the obese weaponsmith who designs the Punisher’s gadgets, vehicles, and custom guns for his war on crime. Microchip is the only person who knows the punisher’s true identity, and the only man the Punisher trusts. That is, until Garth Ennis came around, and, well, let’s just say a shotgun to the face ain’t pretty.

The trio will be joining Ray Stevenson, who is already set to play the Punisher.

Dominic West is Jigsaw in Punisher 2