Don Cheadle is One Mean (SOB) Captain Planet

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

In case you haven’t heard, a live-action “Captain Planet” movie is actually in the works, and would, one presumes, star a notable actor and his young, idealistic sidekicks (from all nationalities, natch) as they go about the world saving the planet from evil-doers and ecological menaces and what have you. Maybe whoever is casting that film should give Don Cheadle a call, because he makes for one mean (literally) Captain Planet.

Okay, so maybe Don Cheadle is perhaps channeling a little bit (or a whole lot) of Samuel L. Jackson here, what with the liberal sprinkling of curses and what have you. I half expected him to start reciting lines from “A Time to Kill” and “Pulp Fiction”: “Yes I turned them into trees! And I hope they photosynthesize in Hell!”

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.