Donnie Darko’s Richard Kelly Taking a Trip to Corpus Christi

Richard Kelly has written and directed two films since his 2001 breakthrough hit “Donnie Darko”, a film that I liked, but not nearly as much as most people seem to — “Southland Tales” and “The Box”. The first film had to claw its way into a release date, while the second film just, well, didn’t do much once it did reach theaters.

Kelly’s latest is “Corpus Christi”, which would see him tackling a more “traditional” narrative — i.e. no time travel, sci-fi elements, or wacky futuristic boxes here. The plot?

Texas-set story concerns a mentally unstable Iraq war veteran, who forges a strange friendship with his boss, a wealthy and politically ambitious owner of a supermarket chain.

Yup, it’s another movie about a mentally unstable Iraq war vet trying to adjust to life back home after a traumatic experience fighting Evil Bush’s wars overseas. This year’s SXSW film festival is littered with them, and I suspect, the indie scene will be starring crazed, ready-to-explode-and-kill-everyone vets for quite some time to come.

Kelly will write and direct, with Kelly and Sean McKittrick producing.