Donnie Wahlberg Knows Morse Code for TNT

Of the two Wahlberg brothers, I’ve always been convinced that Donnie Wahlberg is the more talented of the two. While little brother Mark has gotten all the A-list attention and big screen credits, everything he’s done has been trumped by Donnie’s greatest achievement — Carwood “Lip” Lipton in “Band of Brothers”. Donnie then followed up that breakthrough role with a starring turn in the criminally underseen Boomtown, and now he’s got another cop/actioner coming out for TNT called Morse Code.

The Hollywood Reporter has the breakdown on the new show:

Donnie Wahlberg and Jon Avnet have teamed with TNT to develop a crime drama about a young war hero-turned-Drug Enforcement Administration officer working in his hometown of Boston.

Wahlberg, a Boston native, is expected to star in the tentatively titled “Morse Code,” from Warner Horizon TV. It’s being written by former “Law & Order” writer-producer Walon Green, with Avnet anticipated to direct. All three will produce.

This should go pretty well for Donnie, much better than Boomtown ever did. Not only does TNT make quality cop shows, but they’re also not handcuffed by the constant need to have high ratings. Thank God for basic cable.