Donnie Yen Beats Up Everyone in a New U.S. Trailer for Special ID


Donnie Yen in Special ID (2013) Movie Image

Donnie Yen puts his very famous fists of fury (and feet, too, for good measure) to good use in Clarence Fok Yiu-leung’s new crime actioner “Special ID” by, from the looks of it, pretty much beating the crap out of everyone who crosses his path. I’m not sure if any of what he’s doing are proper police procedure, but hey, he’s undercover, so allowances must be made.

Check out a new trailer for the film below, along with a poster. The film is hitting U.S. theaters in March, but will be available on VOD a month before that.

Zilong “Dragon” Chen is an undercover cop deep inside China’s most ruthless crime syndicate. The boss, Xiong swears to find every traitor and make them pay with their lives.Agents are turning up dead. His days are numbered. Desperate to protect his family and his life, Chen must risk everything to protect the SPECIAL IDENTITY he never wanted – before it’s too late.

Starring Donnie Yen, Tian Jing, Andy On, Ronald Cheng, Collin Chou, and Terence Yin.

Kicking it on iTunes this February 4th and in limited release March 7th.

Special ID (2013) Movie Poster

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  • BillHassel .

    Oh yeah! First time I saw him was 13 years ago watching Highlander Endgame at the cinema and I’ve been a big fan of his work ever since. Go Donnie !!

    • Dedpool

      I’m so sorry that was your first introduction to the greatness of Donnie yen. I hope you’ve gone back and watched all the good stuff he’s done. My first intro was Iron Monkey!!!!

      • PeterG

        Tiger Cage

  • Robert Carmichael

    I saw that movie yesterday on Youtube, and it was great.