Donnie Yen in Supernatural Actioner Painted Skin

Coming off the heels of the police actioner “Flash Point”, Donnie Yen will be stepping into another action movie — with a supernatural twist. Yen’s latest, “Painted Skin”, is being described as “a rare Chinese supernatural actioner”, which means it will have ghosts, but not be all that scary since, well, they’ll be action scenes in it. How scary of a movie can you really make when there are guns and kung fu involved? And since Yen is the star of the movie, either guns or kung fu will be very much involved.

“Painted Skin” will co-star Singapore’s Yuwu Qi (“Home Song Stories”), and should start shooting sometime in 2008 with Mainland China money.

The movie will be directed by Wilson Yip, who also directed Yen in “Dragon Tiger Gate”, “Sha Po Lang” (since retitled “Killzone” for International consumption), and the upcoming “Flash Point”.