Donnie Yen Talks Ip Man 3

Donnie Yen in Ip Man (2008) Movie ImageAnd he’s saying he might “consider” doing it — once he wraps up all of the commitments currently on his plate, that is.

The news comes from Twitch, who quotes Yen as saying the above while appearing on CNN.

The “Ip Man” films have certainly become Yen’s most famous role to date, both domestically and internationally, even if the second one was, let’s face it, an easy cash-in on the first, with essentially the same script except they swapped out the Evil Japanese with the equally Evil British.

Ip Man, of course, is most famous for not fighting the Japanese resistance during WWII or the British during their occupation of Hong Kong, but for teaching a young tyke name Bruce Lee how to fight. The tyke showed up at the end of “Ip Man 2”, so if they are intent on making a third one (and really, why wouldn’t they be?), one supposes Bruce Lee would get more screentime in the third film.

Maybe we’ll finally learn where Bruce Lee learned this: