Donnie Yen’s Flash Point Gets New Posters, Trailer

AsianPopcorn has your new look at Donnie Yen’s upcoming action-a-second cop thriller “Flash Point”, which co-stars Louis Koo and is directed by Wilson Yip. This includes three posters and a new trailer that features some old footage, but from what I can gather, some new footages as well. What you should get out of the trailer is that this is an action movie, clear and simple. And if it happens to make a little bit of logical sense? Well, that’s just gravy now, isn’t it?

In “Flash Point”, Donnie Yen plays a cop who pursues a Vietnamese gang led by three brothers. Louis Koo plays Yen’s informant, whose career is short-lived when he’s discovered. Much ass kicking and shooting ensues.

The expected release date for the film in Hong Kong is August 3, 2007. Look for it on DVD sometime after that.

The posters:

The new trailer: