Donnie Yen’s Flash Point on DVD

Donnie YenI liked Donnie Yen’s latest Hong Kong actioner “Flash Point”, but I didn’t LOVE it. (Read my review of it here) One of my problems with the film is that there isn’t very much in the first and second act, and there is, quite possibly, too much in the final act. But that still doesn’t mean I won’t recommend the film to Hong Kong film lovers. It’s definitely a worthy buy on DVD, for the crime connoisseurs or just people who likes ass-kicking in general. The film has plenty of both to savor, that’s for sure, and is offering the import DVD for $16.49 when the DVD is released September 28, 2007. Wait, that’s tomorrow, right?

The film comes in two versions, a 2-DVD Special Edition and Limited Edition version. Both seems to have the same features, if’s listings for them are to be believed.

This 2-DVD Special Edition comes with an exclusive postcard and the following English-subtitled bonus features:
# Making of
# Shooting Diary
# Gala Premiere
# Interviews with the director and cast
# Ultimate Fighters featurette
# Theatrical Trailers and Teasers
# Deleted Scenes
# TV Spots

If you’re looking for hard-hitting action, you can’t go wrong with “Flash Point”. The crime stuff ain’t bad, either.

Donnie Yen