Donnie Yen’s Flash Point Scores Big in China

Mainland China can’t handle Chris Tucker’s big mouth and Jackie Chan’s, um, aging action comedian via “Rush Hour 3”, but they have plenty of room for Donnie Yen and his latest crime actioner, “Flash Point”. The Wilson Yip-directed cops-and-triad flick (wait, I thought China doesn’t like movies about the Triads? Hmm…) took in an impressive $1.98 million in 3 days of release on the Mainland, beating out uber Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou’s directorial debut, the romantic comedy “Secret”.

In “Flash Point”, Donnie Yen plays a cop who takes on a Vietnamese gang using Louis Koo as a mole. Much shooting, fighting, kicking, and bloodletting ensues.

From everything I’ve seen of the film, it looks to be in line with Yen’s previous Hong Kong works, and is one of the more highly anticipated Hong Kong action films of recent years.

No word on an American release yet, but look for the import DVD soon.

Donnie Yen