Don’t Care for Zombie Ass? Perhaps You’ll Enjoy Some Zomboobies


So I pretty much look like a pervert today, but I suppose that’s all right. Judging from the trailers I’ve posted, I don’t think that assessment is unfair. Hot on the heels of the “Zombie Ass” trailer is the preview for director Francois Fujimoto’s “Zomboobies”, a film that combines zombies with, er, boobies. The whole thing looks utterly shameless, which, of course, is precisely why it’s getting plenty of attention from yours truly. I like to blame Troma for my tastelessness.

I think this synopsis belongs to you:

While conducting experiments to create “the perfect breasts” a group of doctors are transformed into EVIL MUTANT CREATURES with an unstoppable hunger for BOOBIES! See hot action women fight to keep their perfect breasts out of these evil doctors’ mutant hands!!!

When someone describes their movie using lots of exclamation points and the phrase “hot action women”, everyone on the planet wins. “Zomboobies” stars Cathy Shim, Diana Toshiko, Marissa Tuyui, Jon Soldwisch, Greg Watanabee, Eileen Hsi, Judilin Bosita, Antony Tran, Steven La, Connie Shin, John Lewis, and Thomas Harris. I haven’t heard of them, either.

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Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Dedpool

    LOL. These have their own place in my movie collection already!!

  • Brent McKnight

    Yes. Zomboobies and Zombie Ass will make for the most epic double feature ever screened!

  • Waldo

    japanese people… do i need to say more? xD

  • Garnar Holt

    And when the studio stops letting the employees do drugs then maybe Garner Holt Productions in San Bernardino can fix this chit .

  • Doesawn

    Hey Garner [ from Garner Holt Perversions ] in San Bernardino California ! What’s up man .

    Do you remember that woman you hired years ago for the size of her breast . You said they had to be at least double D’s .

  • Animatronics-Geek

    Yes I remember that . Garner is that you . Are you talking in the third person ?

    Pretty cool I guess . Was that the Desiree person you were cussing about ?

    Wow … I really remember you cussing up a storm about her . She sued you right ?

  • MissMakeUp

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    As a woman I do not appreciate the way Desiree acted . But then the owner of ” garner holt productions ” should not have discussed the size of her breast when he hired her . You can hear him laugh about it at the end of the tape .

  • Geekerfun

    Did someone mention Garner Holt .

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  • Tipcozner

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