Don’t Like Avatar? Michelle Rodriguez Will Fight You

I suppose getting beat up by Michelle Rodriguez, one of the stars of James Cameron’s bloated sci-fi spectacular “Avatar” has to be better than getting beat up by, say, Uwe Boll, right? One’s a tough but deceptively hot chick, and the other’s a smelly German dude.

Yeah, no real contest there.

So the big news for fans of female celebrity boxing is that Rodriguez will be taking part in this year’s Fantastic Fest’s Fantastic Debates down there in Austin, Texas over the week or two. Here’s how it works:

Filmmakers, critics, and other movie professionals will go face-to-face in a two-part confrontation. First, they will engage in a formal debate on a contentious topic. Then, they will literally duke it out in a round of boxing. Sunday’s main event will be a debate on the topic “Should ‘Avatar’ have won the Oscar for Best Picture?” Arguing against will be festival co-founder Tim League. And fighting in defense of the movie? “Avatar” costar Michelle Rodriguez.

Now remember, Rodriguez always plays the tough chick in her movies (and she does it pretty convincingly, too); plus, she’s also got some actual boxing experience behind her. She broke through in the indie boxing movie “Girl Fight”, for which she trained months for, and from all accounts, is still pretty good.

I’m not saying she’s gonna knock out this Tim League guy in one punch, but I am willing to say she’s got a pretty decent chance. Then again, maybe League is six feet tall and weighs 250 of muscle. Of course, that’s assuming they take this seriously and it’s not just the two of them fake punching each other in the ring, which would be incredibly disappointing.

Oh, by the way, this is Tim League, co-founder of Fantastic Fest and Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas: