Don’t Mess with Brendan Fraser’s Kids in Split Decision

Brendan Fraser in The Mummy (1999) Movie ImageMan, I’m kinda worried for Brendan Fraser’s current career trajectory. On second thought, skipping out on the sure-thing “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”, the sequel to his “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, was probably not the best decision ol Brendan could have made. What does he have to show for it? “Furry Vengeance”, something called “Whole Lotta Sole”, and about a half dozen films coming in the next few years that doesn’t look very promising in terms of big box office draw. If he’s not careful, the guy who saved us from evil undead mummies not once, not twice, but three times might end up in direct-to-DVD land starring in generic action movies.

Case in point: Fraser has now attached himself to something called “Split Decision”, a film that he will star and produce.

The plot kicks off when two children (Holly Deveaux and Christian Martin) witness a murder while on a wilderness camping trip with a family friend (Daniel Kash). When two criminal brothers, (Dominic Purcell and Ethan Suplee) start to hunt down the children to silence them, Fraser’s father-figure sets out to rescue them. Amy Price-Francis appears as the children’s mother.

Not exactly blockbuster material there, unfortunately.

The film will be helm by Damian Lee, who is directing from his own script. The film is set for production soon up northaways in Ontario.

At this point, Brendan’s best bet to regain his former glory might be for Universal to make a “Mummy 4” with him instead of rebooting it like they’ve been planning. That seems very doubtful at this point, as rebooting franchises is much cheaper than hiring Fraser. Of course, he could make it cheap for them. They might go for that. It’s either that, or more of this…

Via : THR