Don’t Tell Anyone: Harrison Ford Is In Cowboys And Aliens

Robert Downey Jr. had the project, only to be replaced with Daniel Craig and then, most recently, there have been rumours that Harrison Ford has been signed up for the Sci-fi/Western comic book adaption “Cowboys and Aliens”. But it looks like they’re rumors no more, director Jon Favreau has just released through his twitter account that Harrison Ford is going to be in “Cowboys and Aliens”

Jon Fevreau:

Please stop asking if Harrison Ford is in Cowboys & Aliens. Okay? He is. Please don’t tell anybody.

Ok, so maybe I’m not keeping that promise, but, like, maybe if everyone reading this kept this super secret then we’d be cool. Please don’t tell Jon I told you.

The film, which is now set to start filming this year, follows the lives of a bunch of cowboys and Indians during the 1800s who find that they have to work together when, wait for it, aliens invade! Now I’ve never really been into comic books, but with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford on the cast, this sounds like the kind of bizarre plot I could get into. And lets be honest, we already know the cowboy image suits Ford.