Douche Bag Michael Vick Wants His Own Reality TV Show

Probably because no one would hire his dumb, violent, and dog-torturing and killing ass, incarcerated former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is looking for another way to pay the bills, and damn, does he need the money. He apparently owes millions to creditors, and has filed for bankruptcy. In the reality TV show, the camera would follow Vick’s attempts to return to society following his 23-month prison stint on federal dogfighting charges and just generally being a total piece of shit.

According to THR, Vick’s Reality TV show deal would pay him $600,000 up front, with more waiting in the wings. The likely suspects vying for Vick’s road to redemption seems to be A&E and Spike TV, although the article mentions that producers are flocking to Vick’s jail cell to try to sign him up. And they say there’s no such thing as class anymore in the TV game. Pfft.

Meanwhile, there’s already another Vick-themed reality TV show out there: National Geographic Channel’s new show Dogtown documents the attempted rehabilitation of Vick’s 22 pit bulls. You know, the ones he didn’t get a chance to choke, shoot, or electrocute to death? Did I mention that Michael Vick is one piece of shit of an excuse for a human being?

Vick gets out of jail July 20.