Doug Liman Talks Jumper, How Great He is

I promise, I’m not becoming obsessed with director Doug Liman. It’s purely coincidence that I’m doing two Doug Liman stories in a roll. Promise. In any case, Empire Online has an interview with Doug Liman in their upcoming offline issue, and they have excerpts from the interview online now. There is one really big detail about the movie that I hadn’t known before, and that’s Samuel L. Jackson’s Government character, who Liman calls, “a government agent tasked with tracking and killing all jumpers”. I didn’t know that. I thought Jackson was just the Government guy who roped the jumper, someone who can instantly teleport anywhere, in and make him work for them.

Liman also goes on to talk about himself — a lot. I’m assuming he’ll talk more about himself in the Empire issue, because the dude really seems full of himself.

Some quotes:

“I’ve figured out what a Doug Liman movie is. A Doug Liman movie is one where there is no villain,” Liman continues. “Everyone has their different viewpoints, so who says that the person you’re following has to be the hero. I think it’s much more interesting to have the grey areas”.

When you start talking about your movie and using your name in the conversation, it’s a sure sign you have spent way too many nights thinking about how great you are.

Then there’s this:

“I remember an argument that I had with the head of Universal [when making The Bourne Identity] and she said, ‘This isn’t your film school. You don’t get to run around and try ideas out. This isn’t your film school’. She was wrong. That’s the way you get something original. You don’t want to fall back on something someone else has done. Then you’re a hack”.

Really, Doug? “The Bourne Identity” was original? Didn’t you adapt a book by Robert Ludlum and, in my opinion, fucked up everything good about it for a crappy and overly simplistic storyline about how evil the CIA is? Maybe we saw two different movies…

You can read the whole interview here. Doug Liman will tell you, it’s a good read because, you know, it’s about him.

Then again, maybe I’m reading Doug Liman all wrong, but I doubt it.

Doug Liman Talks Jumper, How Great He is