Doug Liman Tries his Hand at Time and Again

Time and Again Novel CoverApparently “Time and Again” is a movie that one Hollywood star or another has been trying to get made since it was first published in 1970. Big names like Paul Newman and Robert Redford were all previously attached at one point or another, but never managed to get the film made. The “illustrated novel” was written by Jack Finney (of “The Body Snatchers” fame) and its latest champion is “The Bourne Identity’s” Doug Liman. Movie studio Lionsgate has now nabbed the rights to the property and has now set Liman to write and produce.

The novel, which spawn a sequel in 1996 (one year after Finney’s death), is called a romantic time-travel tale that “follows Simon Morley, a Manhattan illustrator who enlists in a secret government experiment and is transported from the mid-20th century to 1882 New York, where he falls in love and finds himself forced to choose between his lives in the present and the past.”

The premise actually sounds a bit like a 1980 movie starring “Superman’s” Christopher Reeves called “Somewhere in Time”, though I don’t recall if secret government experiments had anything to do with that movie’s time travel angle. It co-starred Jane Seymour, who was born to play lovely lasses from the past.

Doug Liman, coming off the political movie “Fair Game”, has the sci-fi actioner “All You Need is Kill” with Tom Cruise up next. In a bit of useless trivia, despite being the man who helped kick off the “Bourne” franchise with “The Bourne Identity”, you’d be hardpressed to know that he was ever involved in the series, that’s how much director Paul Greengrass has trumped him with the last two movies.

Doug Liman and Valerie Plame Wilson on the set of Fair Game (2010) Movie Image

Via : Variety