Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man 2

I like Robert Downey Jr. Seriously, I like the guy. This good will I have towards him is on the verge of a man crush, actually, and I like to think that we’re friends, even though we’ve never met, and if we did ever meet, he’d probably have me arrested for having just written the above. But hey, I like to live dangerously that way. Anyways, so the star of “Iron Man” and Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” (yes, for the first time in, um, ever, I’m finally looking forward to a Guy Ritchie movie) recently sat down with MTV and when asked about “Iron Man 2” and Mickey Rourke, RDJ didn’t have good news for the fans. Basically, he’s not really sure what’s happening right now, and if anyone should know, wouldn’t it be the franchise’s star?

Says my buddy RDJ to MTV:

“That’s actually incorrect,” Downey told MTV News when asked if Rourke was being considered for the aforementioned Iron Man rogue. When pressed if, instead of Crimson Dynamo, Rourke was up for the role of Whiplash, another potential role bandied about on blogs these days, Downey had a more cryptic response.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that,” said Downey. “Or maybe it’s some semblance of both. Here, I can tell you everything about the story except I won’t give away the ending. The nerd stuff is top-drawer security.”

Heh. “Nerd stuff”. That’s my buddy RDJ for ya.

Ahem. You know, it used to be that fanboys loved the crap out of Marvel Studios. I mean, they were going to give us not just a badass “Iron Man 2” (the sequel should definitely be more badass, now that the origins stuff is out of the way), but they’re also planning a Captain America movie, a Thor movie, and the stuff of geekgasms worldwide, an Avengers movie.

But then Marvel started to lose good will. Like, in a hurry. They bullshit their way to almost losing Favreau for “Iron Man 2”, and now it seems like they’re on the verge of losing both Samuel L. Jackson and Mickey Rourke. It makes you wonder what’s going on over at Marvel, and if the lackluster showing of “The Incredible Hulk” might have made them a tad goofy in the head. Still, while losing both Rourke and Jackson would suck, as long as the product is “Iron Man” good and not “Incredible Hulk” not-so-much, I’m still going to give them the benefit of the doubt. For now.

Below: “Don’t worry, nerds, once I hit Marvel with this glove doohickey, they’ll come around. Zow! Bam!”