Downloading Nancy Red Band Trailer

“Downloading Nancy” is surely the feel-good movie of the year. If by “feel good” you mean depressing and sex-filled. Or at least, that’s the vibe you get from this long, 3-minute trailer for the movie. I believe this is a red band trailer, although someone put it on YouTube without that warning. The footage shows nudity from star Maria Bello and sex of the doggy style variety, and I’m guessing those are pretty much Red Band stuff.

Sick of her life, housewife Nancy (Bello) just wants it to be over and done with, but rather than kill herself, she hires a stranger from the Internet to do the job for her. But fate takes a strange turn when she meets her killer (Patric) and the two fall in love. Of course, Nancy realizes that love and murder do not naturally go hand in hand.

Starring Maria Bello as Nancy, Jason Patric, Rufus Sewell, Amy Brenneman, and David Brown. Johan Renck directs.

According to the film opens in Sweden on May 1st, but there is no Stateside release date yet. I’m guessing limited release aka NY/LA.