Dracula Begins — er, Dracula Untold Gets Another Poster

Luke Evans in Dracula Untold (2014) Movie Poster

Following up on yesterday’s new poster for Gary Shore’s “Dracula Untold” comes a second poster using similar motif — Luke Evans’ Vlad Tepes aka the man who would become Dracula having his cape turn into bats. It is, of course, very “Batman Begins”-ish, though I don’t suppose you can blame them for trying to strike the same kind of vibe. This is also one of those re-imagined origins story, though from the looks of it Vlad will be swinging more swords than biting into nubile young ladies’ necks. At least, in this installment. I’m sure they’re already thinking trilogy or franchise.

I’m very curious to see what Shore comes up with. For those who may be following his career, Shore shot a very cool futuristic Samurai short film called “Cup of Tears” a while back (check it out below). It was one of those “concept trailers” for a movie he hopes to one day make. And who knows, if “Dracula Untold” becomes a hit, he might just get his wish.

Until then, check out the latest poster for “Dracula Untold.” The movie stars Evans, along with Charlie Cox, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Samantha Barks, and Zach McGowan.

Vlad goes bats this October 17th.

Luke Evans in Dracula Untold (2014) Movie Poster

Dracula Untold (2014) Movie Poster