Dragon Baby Strikes Back

Dragon Baby

Well, if you’re the baby of Canadian filmmaker Patrick Boivin, anyway. I’m assuming, of course, that this is his kid, because if it’s not, then someone out there should be looking for their kung-fu fighting baby cause a crazy filmmaker might have run off with it.

The video is of course a mesh of “Kill Bill” and Bruce Lee, but don’t think it’s another lame video in a sea of lame videos that covers YouTube like a bad boil. Boivin has actually done a really good job here, with almost flawless special effects and some cool kung fu action to boot. It’s only a minute long, so you should be able to get this in before your boss shows up again.

Boivin’s YouTube channel is full of cool nerdy videos like this one, including stop-motion work for comic book superheroes, Star Wars, Transformers, and various other bits of coolness. Check it out, check it outer. (Though be prepared to waste a few good hours on his stuff.)

Bonus kick ass baby: