Dragonball: Evolution (2009) Movie Images


Dragonball: Evolution (2009) Movie Images

Dragonball: Evolution (2009) Movie Images

Author: Nix

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  • http://slug_proof vinny davino

    im a big fan of DBZ, and my thoughts on this project is very dissapointed. the actors dont even look like any of the characters, from the dragon ball or dragon ball z series. i think if you are gonna waist time making a movie, at least make it digital. for example: when the scooby doo movie came out. scooby was digital. or even better make the dragon ball z movie like Beowolf. trust me who ever is a real DBZ fan will love it

  • johno k

    i totally agree this looks like a major disapointment the actors in the movie dont resemble the characters. like vinny said if they were to make it in a beowolf style i just think it would work so much beter with a partially animated human shooting energy balls from his hand rather than something like the series heroes where it just looks a bit stupid.

  • Eristoph

    This scene couldnt possibly be the world championship battle could it? did they even have a world championship in the King Piccolo saga? this reminds me of Mortal kombat…. it’ll probably bomb just like it too. Master Rochi w/hair no beard and no sunglasses…. gawd i wish i were directing this film… i really wish i could!!

  • ronnie baby

    i used to be a fan of the series and was very excited when i heard but now that i see this bull i hate who ever made it but i agree wit the CG thing tho it should be in 360 3d

  • gordon


    Jeez, it looks like the set of Karate Kid, are they freaking kidding.

    Where’s the stone outdoor arena, where’s the temples and the dragon statues, where’s the wall which divides the combatants, WHAT’S GOING ON!!!!

  • flash

    geez.. this is suck.
    would be better used animated for the setting at the tournament.
    this is stupid indoor. tenka inchi boudukai would be damaged just by only small ki blast.
    this is stupid.

  • akira

    Yes,, i’m absolutly dissapointed.