Dragonball Gets a Ballsier New Title? It’s Evolution, Baby.

The 20th Century Fox movie that everyone loves to hate may or may not have gotten a new title, according to the latest rumor hashing on the Interwebs. If the title change is confirmed, then the new movie title that anime geeks will be spitting out with all the hate they can muster won’t just be “Dragonball”, but rather, “Dragonball: Evolution”. Yes, they’ve added the “Evolution” to the title, probably because it sounds a lot more “evolutionary” than just having “Dragonball” in the title. See, and you thought the people making this movie lacked creativity. How wrong you were! Ahem. Moving on.

This absolutely and utterly fascinating title change comes to you courtesy of Comingsoon:

20th Century Fox may have extended the title of its upcoming “Dragon Ball” adaptation to Dragonball Evolution. If it’s indeed the new title the studio is going with, we should find out for sure soon.

Then they added this little tidbit later on in the day:

UPDATE: 20th Century Fox has also registered the domain name DragonballEvolutionmovie.com, which currently takes you to FoxMovies.com.

See, “Dragonball” haters? This’ll show you!

Below: “Oh, Dragonball, why must you tease me so with your name changes and what not?”