Dragonball Movie Reshoots Underway

Normally when a movie studio goes back to do reshoots for their “finished” movie, it’s a sign that something is amiss, and fixes are needed. In the case of FOX’s “Dragonball” movie, we’re not only talking about reshoots, but additional scenes are being added to the finished product. Which means something isn’t just wrong with the scenes that already exists, but apparently the movie was found to be lacking, and thus, new scenes were scripted and added. Of course we are talking about a movie with spikey hair kids that shoot fireballs out of their palms, so you know, new or revised scenes can’t possibly hurt — or help, right?


According to Actors Status, Dragonball will begin filming again (for additional scenes and/or retakes) on October 30th. If you’re between the ages of 20-70 and are fluent in Nepalese or Tibetan, this information may be for you.

Below: Finally, young Nepalese or Tibetan actors will get the recognition they deserve.