Dragonball Trailer to Show with Max Payne

Haters will continue to hate James Wong’s “Dragonball”, but they won’t be able to stop its coming (despite rumors to the contrary; I told you not to trust that dumbass rumor, boyos), although they will either have more ammunition to blast it, or they’ll learn to love it, once actual footage from the movie arrives via the first trailer for “Dragonball”, which is set to debut in front of the videogame movie “Max Payne”, opening wide October 17, 2008.

Yes, that’s right, Dragonball guys, you can now put actual moving images to your hatred of the Dragonball movie, or maybe you’ll start thinking it ain’t so bad. Hey, who am I to try to change your preconceived hatred or support for the movie? You can see it for yourself and decide if your anger is justified October 17, 2008, when the “Dragonball” trailer is unleashed. Or so says Comingsoon. (Remember, if the trailer doesn’t show up by then, blame them, not me!)

Now I don’t know if the trailer will be any good, but I think the little lady below wants you to watch it with an open mind. And if that doesn’t work — just stare at the cleavage. Cleeeeeeeeavage.

Dragonball Movie