Dreamgirls’ Bill Condon Will Direct Both Twilight Breaking Dawn Films

You’ve probably never even heard of Bill Condon, but he was the director of the Beyonce-Jennifer Hudson movie “Dreamgirls”. And before that, he did the well-received but barely seen “Kinsey”. Up next for Billy boy? How about directing both “Breaking Dawn” movies for Summit Entertainment. Variety has the director currently in negotiations to helm both “The Twilight Saga” parts, which would bring Stephenie Meyer’s teen vampire series to a finish. Well, for now, anyway. I’m sure Summit has plans for prequels and spin-offs and other ways to squeeze more blood out of that stone.

As predicted, Meyer’s last book in the series, “Breaking Dawn” will be split into two films. The book is a massive one, and honestly, they could probably have done three movies out of it. Though the franchise has used up three directors so far, with Condon being the fourth, it’s only needed one screenwriter in Melissa Rosenberg, who has adapted all of the entries since the beginning. Talk about a steady paycheck.

The most recent “Twilight” movie, the David Slade-directed “Eclipse” is due out June 30, 2010.