Drew Barrymore Directing Twilight: Eclipse?

Originally it was thought that Chris Weitz would direct not only the “Twilight” sequel “New Moon”, but also the third installment in the series, “Eclipse”, because early speculation had the two films shooting back to back. But according to Entertainment Weekly, that’s not the case and there will indeed be a lull between the production of “New Moon” and “Eclipse”, which leaves the directing gig for “Eclipse” open.

So who will replace Chris Weitz on “Eclipse”? (Replace, because Weitz will be busy in post-production on “New Moon” as they gear up production on “Eclipse”, apparently.) How about Drew Barrymore, says EW:

As Summit Entertainment looks to lock in a director for the third installment of the Twilight series, Eclipse, the company is talking to a select group of directors — including actress-turned-helmer Drew Barrymore, EW has learned.

As evidence of Barrymore’s capabilities, EW points to the fact that the bubbly one has just wrapped her directorial debut, the romantic comedy (what else would Drew Barrymore direct?) called “Whip It!” starring Ellen Page.

Of course, EW is only saying that Summit Entertainment is talking to directors including Barrymore. It’s not like she has front runner status or anything. At least, one hopes not, for the sake of all you Twilighters out there.

Below: “What? Me, direct ‘Eclipse’? Gosh, that would be so magical!”