Drew Goddard Adds Directing The Sinister Six to his Plate

Lionsgate's "Cabin In The Woods" Los Angeles ScreeningOkay, I still don’t know how this is going to work, but apparently Sony Pictures really is moving on ahead with a “Sinister Six” movie, and they’ve now set “Cabin in the Woods” director Drew Goddard to helm it. Goddard was only previously attached to write the script, having previously been attached to script the “Daredevil” TV show for Netflix.

I guess Drew Goddard is becoming a Marvel man. Sort of. As we all know, although Marvel’s name is connected to the Spidey franchise, it’s not really involved. Likewise with the “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” movie franchises.

A spin-off of the “Spider-Man” movies starring Andrew Garfield and directed by Marc Webb, “The Sinister Six” would follow Spider-Man’s six villains as they do … stuff. I guess. So will Spider-Man show up? I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t think Sony knows, either. They just saw how much money Marvel is making with their own cinematic movie universe and decided to do one, too, but all of it centered around Spider-Man.

Yeah, I get the feeling not a whole lot of thinking went into this, which seems par for the course with Hollywood.

Right now, “The Sinister Six” is still in the early stages, and won’t see the light of day until the third Spidey film in 2016. That means 2017, at the earliest, which sort of makes sense, since the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is only introducing, what, 3 villains? That still leaves them with 3 more villains to add to the title.

Sony’s intention is to release a Spidey-related film once every year — again, following in the footsteps of what Marvel is doing. Besides a “Sinister Six” movie, there’s also a “Venom” movie on the horizons. Plus, the studio has already inked Garfield for 61 Spider-Man films. Yikes.

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